11 Best Computer Networking courses & Certifications [Updated 2020]:


You don’t need to surf more on internet while choosing for Networking courses. After doing a lot of research and analytics our team is going to suggest you most demanding computer networking courses, classes, training including certifications.

Are all courses are paid? Don’t worry we will suggest you paid and free courses for beginners, intermediates and for  professionals too that will helps you towards success.

1.Introduction to Networking:

Have you limited time ? A short learning course of networking is created for Dummies to understand the key concepts about networking. Different concepts, definitions practices ,activities ,quizzes are included to cover Introduction to Networking that will surely help you to sort out your confusions in a very short time.

Course Content :

  1. Basics of Networking Concepts, classifications
  2. Introduction to Topologies
  3. Servers/Clients
  4. Transmission Media
  5. Pocket Switching
  6. Firewalls
  7. Troubleshooting basic concepts

Important Information

This Networking course is totally free and certification required some Fee. Suggestion for studying is to Never break the sequence as given in course.

Duration : 30 Minutes

Instructor info:  iliya Gatsev,IT degree holder with 16 years experience.

Review : 3.8 Stars

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